What Deadly Side Effects Does Actemra FDA Label Not List ?

Actemra FDA Label

Actemra is a drug, usually prescribed to people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Although many patients consider this drug a real miracle, it may lead to sad consequences. Certain researchers are of the opinion that it may result in deadly side effects.However,  you cannot find these side effects on the Actemra FDA label of the drug.

It’s worth noting that Actemra is also known as tocilizumab. It was in 2010 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it for treating patients who have rheumatoid arthritis. Later in 2014, the drug gained approval for the treatment of children who have juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

It’s essential to mention that STAT refers to the prescription of the drug for the treatment of 60 other conditions as well. According to the reports provided by Genentech (it is a division of drug maker Roche), it was in 2016, when grossed sales of the drug reached $1.7 billion. About three-quarters of a million people take this drug.

So, why did so many patients make a decision of taking Actemra? Actually, they took this step, because unlike other drugs for treating rheumatoid arthritis; Actemra FDA label mentions no serious side effects. That’s to say, other drugs prescribed to patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis may cause severe side effects. For example, patients may experience heart attacks, as well as heart failures and life-threatening lung problems.

Actemra side effects not mentioned on Actemra FDA Label

Various reports received from patients show that they experience complications, like lung problems, pancreatitis because of taking Actemra. In other words, the drug may lead to more problems than written on the Actemra FDA label. STAT provided this information taking into account the analysis of 13500 FDA Adverse Events Reporting System reports.

Thus, it turns out that Actemra FDA label fails to provide the accurate information concerning the side effects of the drug. Other drugs, like Humira or Remicade, may lead to interstitial lung disease and it appears on their labels. This side effect is typical of Actema as well.  However, you cannot find it on Actemra FDA label. Among other risks of taking Actemra are pancreatic cancer, infection, as well as gastrointestinal perforation.

STAT says the FDA has to deal with about 1128 reports which show that certain patients died because of Actemra. Although the FDA reviewed these reports, they said it isn’t enough for considering that the drug caused these deaths.

Some people state currently the process of approving drugs became easier, but no efforts are taken to make sure that the drug performs as expected.

Did you or your loved ones have heart or lung problems because of taking Actemra? Do you think the Actemra FDA label should have provided accurate information concerning risks associated with the drug? In this case, you may file a lawsuit.


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