AeroMexico Might Be Violating California Privacy Laws

Actually, the customers of AeroMexico are eager to find out whether the airline has violated the California privacy laws. Currently, recording practices of certain companies are reviewed according to California privacy laws. Among these companies are Miele, AMF Bowling, Teva, Baja Fresh, TGI Friday’s, etc. AeroMexico might also be one of the companies that recorded telephone calls without customers’ permission. In order to verify their bookings and air-tickets, consumers make calls to AeroMexico on a regular basis. The customer service of the airline may have recorded phone calls for the purpose of the quality assurance. However, the airline may have violated California privacy laws.

About the airline AeroMexico

In fact, the airline AeroMexico is a part of the global airlines’ alliance SkyTeam. Thus, the airline is accessible to a lot of customers. AeroMexico is flying to more than 80 international destinations. Among these destinations are Asia, as well as Europe and South America. It’s worth to point out that the company has a close cooperation with American Airlines as well. Moreover, the latter is planning to obtain up to 49% of the airline.

California privacy laws

According to the California privacy laws, it isn’t legal to record phone calls if there is no explicit consent of all the parties of the telephone call. These laws refer to inbound and outbound telephone calls. Thus, recording calls without customers’ consent means violating privacy rights. It is true that companies frequently record customer service phone calls. Most of them assure that the goal is improving the quality of customer service. However, California privacy laws state that the consent of all the parties involved in the call is necessary for recording telephone calls. That’s to say; the employer, as well as the consumer, must grant their consent.

It’s essential to note that California privacy laws had a long history and aim to provide citizens’ privacy rights. These laws prohibit the process of recording telephone calls without the explicit consent of all the call parties. Thus, any company, which violates California privacy laws can become the subject to damages of $5,000 for each alleged violation.

Do you live in California? Didn’t you receive a warning when you were calling a toll-free number? Then, your call may have been recorded without your consent. This may be a violation of California privacy law. So, you may get compensation. You should find out if you qualify to file a California call recording class action lawsuit


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