What You need to know About Apple Class Action over Texting-and-Driving

The new Apple class action lawsuit blames the company for unfair business practices. Apple has allegedly failed to install a “lock-out-device” on iPhones to prevent California drivers from texting while they are driving. This means, that the tech giant might have put profits ahead of customer safety.

Julio Ceja, the class plaintiff, has filed the class action in California state court. He claims that Apple has received a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2014 for the “lock-out-device” technology. However, he says that Apple failed to alter iPhones with the device. The reason behind this might be that the company did not want to lose its market share. So it has decided to opt for its own profit rather than the public safety, according to the plaintiff. Note that the Apple class action alleges that the company has had the technology since 2008.

Ok, now what?

Basically, the complaint says that Apple has acted unlawfully and unfairly. And that this was no less than a fraudulent business act by a large tech company. Julio Ceja seeks to block Apple from selling iPhones in the state of California that do not use the technology. In addition, the lawsuit seeks a court order according to which Apple should update its existing products with this technology.

Some numbers put forward by the class action

Apple class action also stresses the fact that Apple has made $8.5 billion in profit from smartphone sales. And this was only during the last months of 2016. Also, they were selling an average 586,000 iPhones per day during last year.

The plaintiff uses their own calculations to prove that Apple’s iPhones cause nearly 52,000 auto accidents in California per year. Ceja lives in Orange County, CA, and was waiting at a stoplight when another driver struck him from behind. The reason was that this driver was distracted by her iPhone. As a result, Ceja got injuries on his back, and his car also suffered some damage.

Apple class action seeks to include all California residents whose safety has been put at risk due to the failure of the company to install the technology. Thus, the class might include people who have bought iPhones since 2007. Jonathan A. Michaels, Kathryn J. Harvey and Kristen R. Rodriguez of MLG Automotive Law APLC are representing the plaintiff.
If you or a loved one is suffering due to a negligent conduct of a product maker, it’s time to find a lawyer. An experienced attorney can help you recover all the damages you have suffered. Do not let the fraudsters rule. It’s the customers who should hold the power.

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