Ashley Madison Hack Leads to a $578 Million Class Action Lawsuit

Several Canadians who were members of the cheating website Ashley Madison have filed a class action lawsuit and are represented by two law firms. The security breach has exposed private information of nearly 39 millions members of the website. The Defendants are two corporations, Avid Dating Life Inc. and Avid Life Media Inc., that run the Ashley Madison website.

The information hacked was revealed and made available publicly by the hackers on Tuesday revealing names, emails, addresses, message history, emails, and credit card account information with transactions from March 2008 to June 2015. The lawsuit does not involve the hackers and the damages are being sought from the company itself.

The court is yet to certify the class and the lawyers have to prove the company did something wrong that lead to the information leak to be able to recover any damages.

The US counterparts have filed a class action lawsuit seeking $5 Million in damages against the company.

The aftermath of the Ashley Madison hack

Blackmail – Several blackmail emails have been intercepted targeting individuals whose names appear in the hacked list.

Span & Blackmail – A company named Trustify has been contacting individuals encouraging them to contact the company and see what they can do to be removed from the database. Apparently, several lawyers have tried to reach out those in the list as well, looking for clients for a potential lawsuit.

Class Action Lawsuit – As mentioned above, several Canadians are seeking recovery for the “damages” they have suffered as a result of their adultery and the hack.


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