More Audi Owners Complain on Twitter About Too Much Oil Consumption

Remember the lawsuit about the Audi’s defective engine? Well, frustrated Audi owners are little by little expressing their anger on social media sites like Twitter while the traditional media remains silent on the issue that is affecting the finances and safety of millions of consumers. Another dangerous condition created by automakers and intentionally ignored by them is likely to be another “Toyota sudden acceleration” problem.

So why are so many media outlets silent about it? Is it because Audi is paying them to display the same ads that sell thousands of defective vehicles every week? You be the judge.

A couple of days ago I wanted to research and find more complaints about Audi’s oil burning engine problem. Not to my surprise, I found many complaints online and one, in particular, got my attention. Not only did she have my last name, this Audi owner had displayed 3 HUGE bottles of oil that she bought for her vehicle and write the following statement:

      “My Audi goes through oil like no other – good thing I know how to change it.”

audi onwer on twitter

It is important that all Audi owner are aware of this defect. Timely and proper oil level monitoring is a safety issue. Monitor our blog closely as we will bring updates about the class action case and details like the year and models of the vehicles affected.

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