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Chicago McDonald’s Facing a Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

By on December 22, 2016
Chicago McDonald's Class Action Lawsuit

Chicago McDonald’s is hit by a class action filed by a customer. He alleges that the restaurant is overpricing its “Extra Value Meal.” According to the customer, McDonald’s is charging 41 cents more for the two cheeseburgers “Extra Value Meal.” However, it would cost the customer less if they bought the meal separately.

The “Extra Value Meal” includes two burgers, fries, and a drink. And the plaintiff James Gertie has paid $5.90 per meal in Des Plaines and Niles, Illinois. According to the plaintiff’s complaint, these restaurants are a part of a chain owned by the Karis Group. There are more than 10 such restaurants within the chain.

Mr. Gertie asserts that he purchased a Two Cheeseburger Meal from at least five restaurants in Des Plaines and Niles between October 14 and November 13, 2016. In fact, he claims that each time he bought the meal McDonald’s charged him $5.90 for it.

However, Mr. Gertie brings the restaurant menu prices as proof claiming that they charged him an overpriced meal. According to the menu, the prices of the products included in the meal are the following:

  • Two cheeseburgers – $2.50
  • A medium order of French fries –  $1.99
  • A medium soft drink – $1

The total will be $5.49. This means that the “Extra Value Meal” cost James Gertie 41 cents more. It turns out, according to the plaintiff, that Chicago McDonald’s is conducting consumer fraud by overpricing one of its meals. As a result, people have to pay an extra amount to get the so-called “Extra Value Meal.” In reality, they could get it at a lower price only if the purchased the components separately.

The Chicago McDonald’s class action lawsuit asks the court to award plaintiffs the overpriced amount. Also, they seek for punitive damages and attorney’s fees. Attorneys Paul F. Markoff and Karl G. Leinberger, of Markoff Leinberger LLC, of Chicago, represent the plaintiff.


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