Class Action Lawsuit Against Theranos

A customer is filing a class action lawsuit against Theranos, claiming that the blood-testing service provided by the company didn’t work, and the results were inaccurate.

A group of Theranos patients has teamed up to file a class-action lawsuit against the “unnecessary or potentially harmful treatments” cause by Theranos testing.
Theranos is an American medical lab based in Palo Alto, California. It is a privately held company, mentioned in Forbes and The New Yorker.
Theranos claims to have processed hundreds of thousands of tests in validating their work. They claim to work with 10 of the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, as mentioned on their website, they have an average 4.8-star review from their customers. The company is now under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors. As stated in the complaint, Theranos enforced misinformation to attract more customers, it violated federal guidelines and didn’t conduct its testing accordingly. According to their website, 30.000 patients who have worked with Theranos’ have been highly satisfied with the provided services. Nevertheless, government inspectors have criticized Theranos for hiring unqualified staff and conducting improper quality control of the lab tests. Due to the mismanagement, CEO Elizabeth Holmes was supposed to be dismissed from operating the company, for two years.

Now, Theranos is accused of false advertising and deception. The plaintiffs are seeking reimbursement for injuries caused by the company. Moreover, they want their cash back for all the testing and procedures. The plaintiffs are now waiting for the suit to be classified as class action. According to the evidence, there is a group of people who have suffered similar damage caused by the company. Theranos spokesperson Brooke Buchanan stated that “The lawsuit filed against Theranos is without merit. The company will vigorously defend itself against these claims.”

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