Clearly Natural Essentials Products Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Clearly Natural Essentials

Beaumont Products Inc. is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit alleges the company of falsely marketing its Clearly Natural Essentials soaps as ‘’Pure and Natural.’’ However, the complaint notes this is not true, as the soaps contain synthetic ingredients.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against the company is Mona Paul. She considered the company’s marketing reliable and purchased their Clearly Natural Essentials products in California. In other words, she thought she was buying products, which are ‘’Clearly Natural.’’

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff considered the labeling trustworthy. So, she was certain these products didn’t contain synthetic elements.

In addition to that, Paul asserts she found out that this labeling is deceptive, as Clearly Natural Essentials products contain certain artificial elements. This means that no reasonable consumer will believe these soaps are ‘’natural.’’ Among the artificial ingredients are decyl glucoside, glycerin, as well as decyl glucoside, phenoxyethanol, sodium citrate and ethylhexylglycerin.


Regarding glycerin, it’s worth to point out that it is a factory-produced texturizer. In addition to that, it is the result of complex processing. According to the information provided by USDA National Organic Program, it is a  non-organic substance.

Thus, taking into account this fact, the labeling, represented as ‘’natural’’ is misleading. The plaintiff alleges the defendant used false labeling to deceive consumers who prefer to use natural products.

Actually, those products, which are advertised as containing natural ingredients, enjoy more popularity, as the plaintiff says. The reason is that people usually consider these products healthier, as they aren’t made of artificial elements. Paul asserts Beaumont Products Inc. uses the consumer interest in natural products to add synthetic ingredients in its Clearly Natural Essential products, at the same marketing them as ‘’pure.’’

Furthermore, the plaintiff claims if she and class members knew these products contained synthetic materials, they wouldn’t have bought them or they would prefer to spend less money for obtaining Clearly Natural Essentials soaps.

The lawsuit refers to 19 types of Clearly Natural Essentials soaps and a body lotion as well. The plaintiff says all these products were mislabeled as containing natural ingredients.

In fact, it is not the first time that Clearly Natural Products are facing a class action lawsuit. This also occurred last October. The plaintiff is Silvio Ciancio, who comes from New York. He stated that products, labeled as containing essential oils and natural vegetable glycerine were not ‘’pure’’ as represented. That’s to say, they contained a slew of synthetic chemical compounds, which aren’t natural.

What the lawsuit seeks

The lawsuit is seeking to represent any person, who purchased the Clearly Natural Essentials products in the U.S. within the applicable statutory limitations period.

Moreover, the plaintiff seeks to make Beaumont Products Inc. stop its deceptive marketing practices and act according to the law. Paul is seeking the following: the award of damages and expenses concerning the litigation process. It also includes the attorney’s and experts’ fees.


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