Cole Haan Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Cole Haan class action

Actually, a class action lawsuit is filed against Cole Haan. The suit accuses that the shoe retailer marketed its shoes in a false manner at its outlet stores.

The Cole Haan class action asserts the plaintiff purchased shoes from one of the shoe retailer’s outlet stores in 2017. It’s worth pointing out that Cole Haan advertised these items as having a 50% discount from the shoes’ price sold at defendant’s non-outlet stores. Park assures that these shoes weren’t intended for sale at any Cole Haan non-outlet store. Thus, if he knew about it, he wouldn’t have spent money on purchasing these items.


Well, the lead plaintiff who filed Cole Haan class action is Kevin Park. According to the lawsuit, the shoe retailer’s advertisement is misleading. The reason is that Cole Haan spreads the information that there are special discounts for the items at its outlet stores. However, the complaint notes this is not the reality, as the company made these shoes for sale at its outlets. This means that these items don’t have any ‘’regular’’ price.

As a matter of fact, Alisa A. Martin of Amartin Law PC and Lindsay David and Sandra Brennan of Brennan & David Law Group are representing the plaintiff.

Thus, in this way, the company aims to deceive consumers and make them think they are purchasing shoes with at a discounted rate. However, ‘’the original’’ price is just a tactic to trap consumers.


In addition to that, the suit says the shoe retailer is making two types of merchandise. That’s to say, one is for its usual retail stores, the other one is for sale at its outlet stores. Furthermore, the items which Cole Haan is selling at its regular retail stores are of better quality. In order to make these items, the shoe retailer usually uses better leather, as well as stitching.

Moreover, the plaintiff adds that items which the shoe retailer makes for its regular retail locations usually have ‘’ll’’ on the shoe box. It is usually after the item’s name.

Cole Haan class action also states that the shoe retailer is advertising that their brand is exclusive and its shoes have a high quality. Cole Haan decided to make items of inferior quality and sell them at its outlet stores. Of course, the goal is making more money and increasing its profits. So, they carry out misleading and deceptive marketing campaign to cheat consumers. With the help of false advertisement, Cole Haan makes customers believe that they are purchasing retail products at a discounted rate. However, Park assures that the shoe retailer never sold these items at a higher price. In other words, the defendant marketed its items as retail products but was selling these shoes at ‘’sale’’ prices.

What the lawsuit seeks

So, the plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any person who bought a Cole Haan Outlet item made for the shoe retailer’s outlet store in California, which has an original price at any time within the last four years.


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