Dos and Don’ts When Going Through a Divorce Case

Being involved in a divorce case can be very exhausting not only emotionally, but mentally, physically, and financially as well. By understanding what you should and do not do during the entire process, however, you can go through the journey with less stress as possible.


Do Negotiate With Your Ex Before A Trial


You will be surprised at to what extent a judge would allow whatever you and your ex-partner have agreed on. More often than not, even if the agreements are not supported by the law, the judge would allow them as long as they are reasonable. This is one of the reasons that it is important to stay in good terms with your ex as much as possible. If you do not alienate him/her, you are more likely to receive most of the things you want.

Moreover, the judge may not want to be forced to divide properties like pets, or china, or even books, so you might want to work those things out with your ex before going to court. It’s also crucial to remember that in doing negotiations on important matters such as business and children, don’t let your ex be on the winning side. Everything should be fair and you should get something in return for something important you let go. In most cases, you might not need a lawyer during this process if you are in good terms with your former spouse. If the divorce has been bitter, though, you’ll have a better chance if you can have a lawyer represent you during this period.


Do Pick Your Family Lawyer Carefully


In any legal battle, there is not a decision you can make that is more crucial than the lawyer you end up selecting. You can’t force the judge’s decision in order for you to win the case, but you can increase your chances of getting the best results possible by hiring the right lawyer. When it comes to the selection process, it is ideal to go for somebody that has been referred to you by a friend, colleague, or family member. This way, you will know that the lawyer has a good reputation and can be trusted.

Another method is to go with your instincts. If you feel that the lawyer you’re considering to hire is only there for the money, don’t hire him. Instead, find a family lawyer who is working on his cases because it is his passion and something he loves to do. If you are based in Sydney, you are fortunate because there are many Sydney law firms that can provide you with such a lawyer.


Don’t Share Confessions Online


Web confessions may have therapeutic advantages as they allow you to vent out your thoughts and emotions and release some stress. Be careful what you post online, though, especially when going through a divorce process as your web confessions may be used against you by your ex. Do yourself a favour and find other ways to release your negative thoughts and feelings without having to compromise your chances on the court.


Don’t Lie to Your Attorney


You probably realize that lying to your attorney or to the court will only drive you to the losing end. For this reason, remain honest with your attorney at all times. Don’t fake your drug test if you are required to take one, and don’t try to hide anything from the court. A single lie has the potential to make you lose your case as the court will suspect everything you say as soon as they find out you are not being honest.


Don’t Treat a Family Law Case as a Contest


Many couples who are going through a family legal case treat it as a contest, but the winner-takes-it-all philosophy does not apply in this kind of situation. In fact, you were already on the losing side the moment you decided to separate ways with your partner so there is no point to treat your case as a competition against your ex. You need to understand that whatever the decision of the court will be, it will always be for the best interest of the children if there are any involved.

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