A Family Filing a Lawsuit Against General Motors

General Motors

General Motors LLC is facing a lawsuit, filed in Ohio federal court. The plaintiffs are Megan H. and her family. Thus, it was on September 5, 2015, when Megan was driving her Cadillac CTS of the model year 2004. While driving the car, all of a sudden, she lost control of it. As a consequence, she veered off the road. It’s worth mentioning that this occurred on State Road 122 in Preble County, Ohio. Megan slammed into an embankment because of losing control of her car. Later, the vehicle rolled over twice and only after this it stopped at last. The complaint notes this resulted in the ejection of the plaintiff’s body from the vehicle in a violent manner.

Details concerning General Motors lawsuit

Furthermore, the suit claims that after this the plaintiff was taken to Miami Valley Hospital. Unfortunately, she had grave injuries. This includes the following: pelvic and wrist fracture, as well as lacerations along the right leg. In addition to that, Megan experienced a traumatic brain injury. The complaint also says she stayed non-verbal because of cognitive deficits. General Motors ignition lawsuit says Megan had to be in an extended care facility for a few months. During this period of time, she received treatment by a team of medical professionals, like therapists and neurologists.

The suit filed against General Motors also states that there is a nominal improvement in the plaintiff’s condition. However, she still needs care for 24 hours a day. The reason is that she is suffering from serious health problems, including psychological, behavioral, and cognitive deficits. Sadly, Megan is experiencing these complications as a consequence of the crash. The plaintiff is in such a condition that she is making huge efforts and struggles to remember her loved ones’ names and who they are. In fact, the plaintiff’s mother and sister are responsible for bringing this action on behalf of Megan. It’s essential to point out that currently, they are Megan’s legal guardians.

Defective ignition switch

General Motors lawsuit accuses the automaker of installing the plaintiff’s vehicle with a defective ignition switch. As a result, the engine may shut off when the car is still in motion.

Additionally, the suit alleges the faulty ignition switch may lead to sad consequences, like loss of engine power, power braking, and power steering. Also, the faulty ignition switch may become the reason for various car crashes. It may lead to passenger seat injuries as well.

The lawsuit mentions when the car crash happened and the vehicle rolled over twice, the airbags failed to deploy. So, the plaintiffs assure that the automaker was well-aware that the ignition switch was defective. In other words, they had this information still in 2006, as the suit says. However, General Motors didn’t disclose it to its customers. On the contrary, instead of letting them know about this defect, the car maker went on ordering ignition switches for their future vehicles as well.

Actually, General Motors had to deal with the ignition switch problems many times. It was in April 2014, when the automaker made a decision of letting the federal government know about faulty ignition switch.

It was in July 2014, when General Motors issued a recall to solve the problem. The plaintiffs claim Megan didn’t get any notification about it before the accident. She was notified only after the car crash in September 2015.

Usually, General Motors recall lawsuits aren’t class actions. That’s to say, any person should file it individually.


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