How to Find a California Lemon Law Lawyer?

Hire a California Lemon Law Lawyer

When you understand you are driving a lemon car, you can take a legal action. If you live in California you should hire a California Lemon Law lawyer. The lemon law lawyer will help you to evaluate your situation and decide whether you are eligible to get your car’s full refund or you can get a new car

The California Lemon Law requires that manufacturers offer lemon law buybacks for new cars (and used cars purchased during the manufacturer’s warranty period) if the manufacturer is unable to repair a defect that “substantially impairs” the vehicle’s “use, value, or safety” within a reasonable number of attempts. This law covers attorneys’ fees, making the manufacturer pay the lawyer for his/her services.

Why hire a California Lemon Law lawyer?

If you own a problematic vehicle, you should consult a lemon law lawyer. The lawyer will protect and find compensation for you through the law. The lawyer can negotiate repairs for your car, or get you a replacement vehicle.

How to find a California Lemon Law lawyer?

You need to find a good lawyer for your case. It is not a difficult process, you just need to spend a few hours to find a lawyer who fits you.

Do your research

Doing research always helps. So, search for local lawyers’ websites on the internet. Read their bios, find information about their cases.  Read the comments about their work on their websites. Ask your friends, relatives whether they know experienced lemon law lawyers.

Hire an experienced lawyer

Try to find a lawyer who is experienced in lemon law cases. You must be confident that your lemon law lawyer knows California’s lemon law very well. The attorney’s main interest should be in helping you to get rid of your lemon car. He/she should treat you as a partner to fight against the dealer who sold you that car. Winning the case depends on both what you can do to help win, and how your lawyer uses the law to argue your case.

Thus, hiring an experienced lemon law lawyer is necessary for your case. If you live in California and are driving a lemon car, do your research, find an experienced lemon law lawyer, and contact him/her today to start working on your case.

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