Ford is Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Ford class action

Ford is facing a class action lawsuit, filed in Oklahoma federal court. The suit accuses the automaker of selling car jacks with sports vehicles, which cannot fit their lifted trucks. The reason is that their size is too small. So, vehicle owners find it difficult to alter their tires. The lead plaintiff who filed a Ford class action is Matthew W. Leverett. According to the Ford class action lawsuit, the automaker’s trucks come with a manufacturer’s window sticker. Actually, it shows the vehicle has a jack, as well as a spare tire. The problem is that this sticker fails to indicate that the jack and spare don’t fit with higher lifted trucks. That’s to say, they have compatibility with stock truck of the same model, as Ford class action states.

In fact, William B. Federman and Joshua D. Wells of Federman & Sherwood and of counsel Patricia I. Avery and Robert S. Plosky of Wolf Popper LLP are representing the plaintiff.


The plaintiff mentioned in his complaint that his Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck of the model year 2017 has a jack. However, it doesn’t  have compatibility with his vehicle. In fact, his vehicle has larger tires and higher ride heights, compared with stock trucks. The plaintiff asserts that the car maker didn’t provide him with the information concerning this issue.
In addition to that, the suit says any consumer who bought or leased the affected vehicle within the time frame relevant to this action had to spend more money for a vehicle which they thought came with a car jack and spare that function properly. Although the automaker marketed it in this way, it isn’t true. The complaint notes these jacks lack compatibility with the lifted trucks and aren’t safe. Thus, they don’t operate the way vehicle owners expected.

Moreover, Leverett says prior to purchasing his Ford F-250 Super Duty Truck of the model year 2017, he was informed that a vehicle service agreement covers the lift kit, as well as larger tires. It’s worth pointing out that the plaintiff bought the vehicle service agreement with the help of Ford Motor Credit Company LLC.  It is the car maker’s division. Thus, the reality is different. Only after purchasing the vehicle, the plaintiff found out that Ford’s manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t offer vehicle owners coverage of the lift kit and larger tires, as Ford class action claims.

Thus, Ford class action lawsuit alleges the automaker violated the following laws: the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act and breaches of the implied warranties of merchantability (under the Uniform Commercial Code).

What the lawsuit seeks

The plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any consumer who appeared in the same situation and had such a problem. Additionally, Leverett seeks damages and equitable, as well as declaratory relief. Further, he aims to represent a nationwide class of any person who bought or leased the automaker’s new trucks, which come with a lift kit and tires, that fail to fit with higher lifted trucks.

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