Ford Facing a Crazy Class Action over a Defect

Ford class action

Ford Motor Co is facing a class action lawsuit. Actually, Ford class action accuses the automaker of knowing that Transit van disc is defective prior to initiating a recall. In fact, this recall affected about 402 000 Ford Transit vans of the model year 2015, 2016 and 2017. The problem was the defective flex disc. This may result in vehicle damage. Actually, it is considered a safety hazard.


The lead plaintiff who filed Ford class action is All Care Transport and its owner Joseph Pena. The plaintiff points out that small companies usually use Ford Transit vans. One of such companies is All Care Transport.
All Care is a business which provides non-emergency medical transport and owns a few Transit vans. According to the Ford class action, it was in November 2016, when two of the company’s Transit vehicles failed. The reason was the defective flex disc. In fact, this led to sad consequences. That’s to say, the defect caused the van driver to lose control of the steering. As a result, the vehicle broke when driving on a freeway. The plaintiff asserts that a car crash would occur if there was another car nearby. Thus, Pena had to pay about $3200 to fix the vehicle.

In addition to that, another van owned by the company had a problem connected with flex disc. A service technician discovered it when checking out the vehicle. Well, even after replacement of the faulty part, only five months later the same problem occurred again. Then, the fourth Transit van also malfunctioned because of faulty flex disc. So, the plaintiff had to spend about $350 to repair the vehicle.

Pena pointed out that because of defective Transit vans, the company lost business, as they spent a considerable sum of money to cover the repair costs.


The recall issued by Ford says the vehicle’s flex disc fails after about 30 000 miles. As a consequence, the driver may lose power when the driveshaft separates from the transmission. Additionally, it may damage surrounding components as well. This includes fuel lines and brakes as well.  However, Ford class action mentions that the automaker doesn’t have any plans of providing reimbursement for customers that lost business opportunities because of faulty Transit vans. In other words, according to Ford class action, the car maker doesn’t take any steps to offer compensation to plaintiffs and class members.

The plaintiffs claim that the automaker had the sufficient information concerning the defect of the affected vehicles’ flex disc. Ford became aware of it via complaints, testing, as well as reports collected by federal regulators of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, the car maker didn’t disclose it to its customers and went on marketing Transit vans as ‘’safe and durable.’’

So, Ford class action includes those people who bought or leased the affected vehicles in California, but not for personal or household use.

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