Groupon Facing a Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit


A class action lawsuit is filed against Groupon. The suit accuses the discount promotion website of discriminating disabled people. The complaint notes the defendant failed to offer them tickets for accessible seating during events. In addition to that, the lawsuit says Groupon offers no booking options for the hotel rooms which are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The plaintiff who filed the discrimination class action lawsuit is Andrew Huzar. Thus, Huzar points out that he failed to secure tickets, as well as accommodations. Additionally, the plaintiff asserts he attempted to buy a ‘’Groupon Getaway’’ deal to the Red Lion Hotel located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As Huzar assures, he didn’t succeed in booking an accessible room via the defendant’s website. It occurred in 2015. Later, the plaintiff contacted Groupon by email. He asked the defendant whether it’s possible to book a room suitable for disabled people. However, Groupon representative told Huzar, that sadly, they cannot offer him any rooms suitable for people with disabilities.

Charles McElvenny of the Law Office of Charles E. McElvenny and Garret S. DeReus of Bizer & Dereus are representing the plaintiff.


It’s worth to mention that the plaintiff hasn’t tried to buy hotel rooms using the defendant’s website since July 30, 2015.  The reason is that he thinks his efforts will have no success. Thus, Huzar still wants to buy hotel rooms from the defendant. However, he is afraid to take this step because there are no complete accessible options.

Moreover, the plaintiff pointed out that he got an email from Groupon. It was an advertisement concerning a deal for New York Jets tickets at MetLife Stadium. It occurred in summer of 2016. Huzar adds when he attempted to purchase tickets for this event via the defendant’s website, he found no accessible-designated tickets for the event.

Thus, the lawsuit states Groupon is practicing a discriminating policy. That’s to say, the defendant doesn’t make efforts to change its policies, practices, which will give people with disabilities the opportunity of buying tickets. In other words, Groupon fails to take steps to make sure that individuals who have a disability can have access to services or goods and aren’t treated in a different way than other individuals, as the lawsuit states.
Thus, the suit alleges the defendant violated the following law: 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. It prohibits disability-based discrimination, concerning the places of public accommodations.

What the lawsuit seeks

The plaintiff is seeking to represent two nationwide classes. First, the plaintiff seeks to represent a class of those individuals who didn’t succeed in purchasing tickets to events. Second, the plaintiff is seeking to represent a class of any person, who didn’t find travel accommodations via the defendant’s website.


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