Hanes Brands Class Action Lawsuit

In fact, two consumers filed a class action lawsuit against Hanes brands hosiery. According to the Hanes Brands class action, the company deceptively advertises its hosiery products. They spread information about ”run resistant technology” of their hosiery products. However, in their complaints, consumers point out that it is not true. Hanes Brands class action alleges Hanesbrands Inc. is making profits using unfair trade. Thus, the company is accused of the violation of statutes that aim to provide consumers’ protection against fraudulent actions.

Complaints note that Hanes brands products aren’t different from other regular products. That’s to say, ‘’the premium quality’’ that company advertises is fake. The only difference is that the price of these products is higher. So, consumers paid a larger sum of money to get a regular hosiery product.

Who filed Hanes brands class action lawsuit?

Judith Rodriguez and Maryann Riedel are the plaintiffs who filed the Hanes brands class action. The suit mentions that the hosiery company didn’t inform consumers about essential material facts concerning their products. As a result, consumers spent a higher amount of money for purchasing Hanes brands hosiery products. They made this purchase as they trusted the company’s advertisement and believed that the product has ‘’superior’’ quality.

Actually, both plaintiffs experienced the same problems with Hanes Brands hosiery products. The quality of the product disappointed them. Furthermore, Rodriguez and Riedel say that they just used the product several times and faced unpleasant moments. They found holes and runs, as it usually happens with other usual products.

So, the hosiery products fell short of the plaintiffs’ expectations. They indeed believed that their L’eggs are going to last longer. If they knew that the advertisements were untrue, they wouldn’t have spent their financial means on these products.

What plaintiffs request is a trial by jury. The Hanes Brands class action seeks a judgment against the defendant. It includes maintaining class-action status, compensatory and statutory damages and other relief that the court will decide.


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