What if Home Depot Was Misrepresenting Products?

Home Depot

A class action lawsuit is filed against Home Depot in California federal court. The suit accuses the defendant of misrepresenting eucalyptus wood as ‘’premium’’ mahogany. As a consequence, customers had to spend more money for obtaining a product of lower quality.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit is Clyde Golden. The complaint notes that Home Depot is selling lumber while marketing it as ‘’ a mahogany of the highest quality.’’ However, the plaintiff asserts it is a mahogany of ‘’lower grade.’’

According to the lawsuit, customers find it hard to work with this type of lumber, compared with authentic mahogany products. Golden says customers wouldn’t have purchased this lumber (or would have spent less money) if they had known the truth.

In addition to that, the suit says the defendant provided misleading information concerning its product, by advertising it as authentic mahogany. The plaintiff claims it’s just other species of wood. That’s to say, customers spent s significant sum of money but didn’t obtain mahogany.

The plaintiff pointed out that he bought a product, which actually has less value. That’s to say, it is a type of eucalyptus, known as swamp mahogany.

Furthermore, the suit states the defendant used its in-store labels, as well as signage to misrepresent its product. Moreover, the company has a ‘’professional’’ staff members, who attempt to convince consumers that they are purchasing authentic mahogany products.

Moreover, the plaintiff adds that home improvement supplies retailing company made a lot of money through false advertisement. In other words, consumers paid more for products which have less value, as they thought the mahogany is indeed authentic. Many woodworkers prefer this type as it has a plenty of benefits, including durability, ease of use, etc.

What the lawsuit seeks

The defendant used a deceptive and misleading marketing campaign to make consumers believe that it is selling authentic mahogany. As a result, Golden had to pay for a product, which didn’t have the advertised quality and value, as the suit notes.

The plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any California resident who believed in the defendant’s false advertisement and purchased a product being sure that it is authentic mahogany (since 2013).

About Home Depot

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S. The company is offering customers a wide variety of construction products and tools. The headquarters of the company is in Cobb County of Atlanta, Georgia. The Home Depot can boast with 2200 stores located in all the states of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The company strives to meet the consumers’ needs.

Actually, the foundation of the company dates back to 1979, when the first two stores opened in Atlanta, Georgia. These stores were cavernous warehouses.  At that time, every store was 60,000 square feet. The key to success of the largest home improvement retailer is that they focus on customers and their needs. It’s essential to mention that the most of the company’s stores have 105,000 square feet of indoor retail space, which provide consumers with over one million products.

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