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$50M Ikea Settlement over Child Wrongful Death Lawsuits

By on December 23, 2016
Ikea Settlement

With the Ikea settlement, the company has agreed to pay $50M to the families of three toddlers killed in the United States. According to lawyers for the families, the children were killed by falling chests of drawers. The Malm drawers from Ikea toppled onto the kids. The three children were:

Camden Ellis, 2 years old 

Curren Collas, 2 years old 

Ted McGee, 23 months old

Ikea has confirmed that they have reached a “tentative settlement.” Also, because the settlement still needs to be approved by the court, Ikea does not want to comment on it now.

In June of this year, the Swedish furniture firm conducted a recall for millions of Malm chests of drawers. The recalls were being issued in North America. At the beginning, Ikea has warned its customers to use wall mounts. However, the third death in February made them announce a recall.

The payout is one of the biggest of its kind. And it shows the seriousness of the case. Feldman Shepherd lawyers have said that the $50M would be split evenly between the families. Also, an undisclosed share would go to the attorneys. In addition, as part of the settlement, the company has agreed to make three separate donations of $50,000 to hospitals in memories of the children. Another $100,000 contribution they will provide for the charity focused on children’s safety.

About raising awareness

Under the Ikea settlement, the company has also agreed to one more condition. Now, it will only sell chests in the US that meet the national safety standard for clothing storage units. Also, the Swedish brand will spend more money to raise awareness of the problem. They will pay mass media channels (TV, Internet media) to spread awareness through them. In-store warnings will also be carried out. Also, the US Consumer Products Safety Commission will launch an education campaign. Its mission will be to educate people about the risks of falling chests of drawers.







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