Intercontinental Hotel Group Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Intercontinental Hotel Group

A class action lawsuit is filed against the Intercontinental Hotel Group. The suit accuses the hotel chain of violating privacy laws of Illinois. According to the complaint, the hotel giant collected its employees’ personal data in an unlawful manner. This information includes the following: employee ‘’biometric’’ data, as well as fingerprints.

Thus, the suit alleges Intercontinental Hotel Group and Kimpton violated the Biometric Information Privacy (BIPA). This law aims to regulate the process of obtaining and using a person’s biometric data, like facial scans or fingerprints.

The plaintiff

In fact, the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against Intercontinental Hotel Group and the Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group is Eric Zepeda. Kimpton is the subsidiary of the Intercontinental Hotel Group. The plaintiff assures that Intercontinental and Kimpton have a lot of employees in Illinios state. He adds that the defendants violated BIPA of Illinois.

It’s worth noting that Evan M. Meyers, David L. Gerbie and William P. Kingston, of the McGuire Law P.C., of Chicago are attorneys who represent the plaintiff.


The complaint notes that the plaintiff used to work at one of the defendant’s hotels located in Chicago.  Thus, it was in 2014, when Intercontinental Hotel and Kimpton made a decision of changing their worker time keeping systems.

Previously, employees used their identification cards and punch codes. However, since 2014 the process of scanning employees’ fingerprints has become necessary.

In addition to that, the suit states that with new system it is only possible to verify an employee’s attendance through scanning the fingerprints. The plaintiff says that the defendants didn’t ask their employees for permission to use their fingerprints. In this way, the hotel chain violated BIPA.

Moreover, the hotel giant didn’t provide its workers with the following information: how will the defendant use this data? how is the hotel chain going to share this data with third parties?

Zepeda mentions till now he has no idea of the status of his biometric information, which the defendants obtained. Furthermore, he points out that the employers failed to inform him whether they still have this information stored or how long they are planning to retain it without his permission.

What the lawsuit seeks

The class action lawsuit is seeking to expand to refer to ‘’hundreds, if not thousands’’ of people who used to work for the defendants and whose biometric data was obtained, used or stored in Illinois during the applicable limitations period.


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