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We have entered the digital era. E-signatures have become part of the business world. Documents are signed electronically, and they have the same legal protections as those signed with an ordinary ballpoint pen. Thanks to E-Sign Act, businesses and individuals have more and more confidence in e-signatures as the act clearly states that transactions should not be “denied legal effect” because of their electronic form. KeepSolid Sign is a response to digitalization of business transactions bringing the ease and comfort to the business world.


Sign Documents Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

With KeepSolid Sign you can sign documents even if your partners are at different parts of the world. You can sign anytime, anywhere and on any device, even offline! The app makes the life of a business community safer and easier and more importantly – paperless! Businesses can sign contracts electronically and send PDF documents promptly.


You can sign a document even at a café shop. You just need to sit comfortably, open up the app, select the document that needs to be signed and boom, send the document right away.


Here is how it works.

Create an electronic signature with KeepSolid Sign

Creating an electronic signature with KeepSolid Sign is easy. You need to download the app and register/login. The next step is to import a document from local or cloud storage. You can create the electronic signature by either drawing or importing an image or taking a picture of your signature. Your document is ready. You can invite other signees to put their signatures.


What’s next?

Now you can send the document to team members to review or sign it. You can send and receive contracts and manage the overall process of the transaction.

One of the important issues for electronic signatures is the security of the transaction. To ensure security, KeepSolid Sign applies military-grade AES-256 protocol to encrypt all of the data transferred via the app. The app also synchronizes the document on all the devices where you have downloaded KeepSolid Sign. This means you will have access to them wherever you happen to be.

The app has a proven record of one of the most workable solutions to e-signatures. It takes less time and less hassle to manage paperwork with the software.

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