Kelloggs Faces a Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

consumer fraud lawsuit

In fact, a consumer fraud lawsuit is filed against Kellogg in California. The suit accuses the company of false advertisement concerning its Pringles Salt and Vinegar chip packages. That’s to say, Kellogg, markets its chips as having natural vinegar taste, while these products actually consist of chemical flavoring.

The plaintiffs are Barry Allred and Mandy Allred. The consumer fraud lawsuit states the company markets that Pringles’ salt and vinegar contain real vinegar. However, it isn’t true, as in this way Kellogg is cheating its customers.

David Elliot of the Elliot Law Firm and Ronald A. Marron of the Law Offices of Ronald A. Marron APLC are representing the plaintiffs.


Additionally, plaintiffs note the company’s fake advertising, as well as labeling and packaging, make customers believe that they are purchasing a premium ‘’natural’’ product. In other words, they think they are obtaining a product, which consists of natural ingredients, not artificial flavoring, as the consumer fraud lawsuit claims.

The Allerds point out that misleading advertisement attracted them. That’s why they spent more money for purchasing a product, which they considered a premium product. Furthermore, it was in 2016, when the plaintiffs found out that Pringles Salt and Vinegar chips mainly contain artificial flavors. Actually, the products contain very small amounts of real vinegar.

What the lawsuit seeks

The plaintiffs seek to forbid Kellogg to continue false advertisement, as well as packaging. They are also seeking to make the company recall the chips, initiate an informational ad campaign. Moreover, they want the company to pay for damages and cover the cost of the lawsuit. Thus, the lawsuit is seeking to represent a class of any resident of California, who bought the chips within the last six years.

About Kellogg

The Kellogg is a multinational food manufacturing company with headquarters located in Michigan, U.S. The production of the company includes cookies, crackers, cereal bars, vegetarian foods, etc. The list of Kellogg’s brands includes the following: Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, Eggo, Keebler and many more. It’s worth noting that Kellogg products are marketed in about 180 countries. The foundation of Kellogg occurred more than 100 years ago by W.K. Kellogg. He is the one who produced first breakfast cereal. Later Kellogg developed a successful business.





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