Make Legal Document Management Easy With TrialPad


Some cases may run several years before going to trial. Having all the documents with you no matter where you are is a key to preparing the cases. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a legal document management software at your disposal. TrialPad has proved record of making document management easy. It has helped a lot of attorneys in winning their cases making record management and review process accessible for all.

Find Anything You Need at a Glance

Any attorney knows what organization means when it comes to record management. With TrialPad you can store each matter in a separate case folder. You can move all your documents and multimedia within the app. And most importantly, the powerful search options of the app make document location easy and fast.

Share Your Document With Another TrialPad User

You can share your case document with another TrialPad user, and this feature makes communication super ease. You can also duplicate your case onto a backup iPad and store it in another location. This is especially helpful when your matter is delayed.

Import Documents from Other Cloud Storage Services

You can import documents from four different could storage services, including Dropbox, box, Citrix ShareFile or WebDAV. The interface of the app allows to import from these apps easily, you just need to open up TrialPad and create a new folder, and you will see an icon for a cloud on the screen. Click and open it.

TrialPad Helps you Win the Case

When it comes to presentation, TrialPad is a leader in the industry. You can display a document in an evidentiary hearing, annotate a photo during a deposition or present other documents to a jury. Often times attorneys win cases just by the help of these simple presentation tool. It makes your case more vivid and engages the participants in the process.

How Much Does TrialPad cost?

There is one thing that makes this app a valuable purchase. It has no subscription fee, no registration costs, and no yearly maintenance. Moreover, it comes with free technical support. TrialPad is available in the App Store app on your iPad for $129.99. It is available at a discount when purchased in the Ultimate Litigation Bundle.

Whether you are a starting attorney or someone with extensive experience, TrialPad will make litigation a lot easier and will help you win more cases. Consider this app when you are thinking of purchasing a legal document management app.

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