LensCrafters Facing a Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

LensCrafters class action

A class action lawsuit is filed against LensCrafters. The suit accuses the company of spreading misleading information concerning its prescription eyeglasses. According to LensCrafters class action, these eyeglasses come with pupillary distance measurements. If compared with traditional measurements, they are much more precise (five times). The plaintiff who filed LensCrafters class action is Kathleen Infante. She notes that the company is marketing its Accufit Digital Measurement System in a deceitful manner.

According to their advertisement, Accufit Digital Measurement System succeeds in measuring the distance which exists between pupils to the tenth of a millimeter. As a result, it produces prescription glasses which have more accurate lenses. In other words, you have the opportunity of putting the prescription where you can see better, as the plaintiff notes in her complaint. Infante asserts that it isn’t true. The system fails to provide customers with more accurate eyewear products.

Charles P. Reichmann of the Law Offices of Charles Reichmann, Theodore J. Leopold, Andrew N. Friedman, Geoffrey A. Graber and Sally M. Handmaker of Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC, and Robert Gordon and Steve Calamusa of Gordon & Doner are representing the plaintiff.


In addition to that, LensCrafters class action claims that the company is still utilizing traditional methods in their products’ manufacturing process. As a consequence, the end product that the company is offering to consumers lacks the advertised quality. Thus, it doesn’t come with PD measurements, which are considered ‘’five times more precise’’

Furthermore, the complaint says the company is utilizing manufacturing equipment which fails to provide measurements, which are more accurate that one millimeter. In fact, a standard ruler provides the same precision. In fact, it’s true that Accufit Digital Measurement System can offer measurements within a tenth of a millimeter. However, their manufacturing equipment cannot produce glasses, which can offer consumers the advertised accuracy.

The complaint clarifies that the company doesn’t succeed in translating Accufit system’s accurate measurements into their product manufacturing process. Moreover, their employees had all the information regarding this problem, but they didn’t have the permission to disclose it to customers.

What the LensCrafters class action seeks

The plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any California resident, who bought the company’s prescription glasses since September 5, 2011. The suit informs it was in 2011 when LensCrafters represented their Accufit Digital Measurement System.

About LensCrafters

LensCrafters Inc. is one of the most popular retailers of eyewear, which has a leading position in the market. The foundation of the company dates back to 1983. Today it is boasting with about 880 stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Among the services of LensCrafters are eye care and quality eyewear. It is known for creating prescription eyeglasses and putting into practice innovative methods. Additionally, the company is offering cutting-edge technology and individualized approach to any customer. Here you can find a wide collection of designer eyeglass frames and specialized lenses made with high digital precision.

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