Lug Nuts Fall Apart, Leaving Drivers Stranded: Is Ford Failing?


Ford is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit alleges Ford lug nuts fail to perform in a proper  way and may fall apart. Actually, this refers to Ford vehicles of the recent model years.

The affected vehicles’ lug nuts are different from usual lug nuts that consist of a single piece of steel. These vehicles contain a steel core which is surrounded by an outer layer. It is made of stainless steel, aluminum or chrome.

According to the information provided by the plaintiffs, Ford lug nuts have a nice appearance. However, these lug nuts don’t function as expected. They may swell up and delaminate. As a consequence, it becomes difficult to remove the vehicles’ lug wrench.

When looking at the photos of the damaged Ford lug nuts, one can notice the deformation of the outer layer of metal, as the lawsuit states. That’s to say, it has separated from the inner layer. In addition to that, the photos show that the lugs have rounded edges (it is quite visible), where the flat surfaces of the lugs meet.

Thus, because of faulty lug nuts, a driver will have to deal with a flat tire, which is hard to remove. Vehicle owners have to spend a significant sum of money to change the tire. They have to cover the costs connected with the removal of deformed lugs, as well as replacement lugs.


Further, the plaintiffs note they wanted to have these faulty lug nuts replaced. However, the automaker’s representatives suggested purchasing non-Ford lug nuts. They informed that in this way, vehicle owners won’t have such problems later on.

The lawsuit claims that the automaker was well-aware of the defect, but didn’t inform customers about it. The plaintiffs referred to various reviews, which refer to vehicle owners’ complaints concerning defective lug nuts. Although Ford knew about the existence of this defect, it did nothing to fix it. In other words, the car maker just refused to provide replacement lug nuts. Moreover, Ford didn’t agree to cover the repair costs of the vehicles which come with the company’s express warranty.

Ford vehicles with defective lug nuts

The plaintiffs assert that the following Ford vehicles contain faulty lug nuts: Fusion, Escape, Flex, Focus, F-150, and F-350. They purchased one of the above-mentioned vehicles. Also, the plaintiffs noted they spent a significant sum of money but didn’t receive what they expected, as the lug nuts failed.

What the lawsuit seeks

The plaintiffs are seeking to present a nationwide class. It includes any person who is or used to be an owner or lessee of any of the above-mentioned Ford vehicles which have defective lug nuts.

They also seek the following: the purchase price of the affected vehicles or the money which they overpaid to acquire them. This also includes the award of damages to include punitive damages, as well as attorney’s fees and court expenses.

Steve W. Berman and Thomas E. Loeser of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, and E. Powell Miller and Sharon S. Almonrode of The Miller Law Firm PC are presenting the plaintiffs.


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