att sued by ftc for unlimited internet claim

FTC Sues AT&T for Promises of Unlimited Data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sues AT&T Wireless for promising unlimited data plans to their customers while slowing down the mobile network speed in a practice known as data throttling. The customers…

house in the divorce

Which Spouse Gets the House in the Divorce?

When a married couple decides to end their marriage, there is usually quite a bit of controversy over dividing family property, which is often the most valuable asset. Except for a financial…


Car Dealer Fraud and Lemons among Top Consumer Complaints

Complaints about annoying telemarketers, lemons, dealer fraud keep on ticking off consumers. North American Consumer Investigators (NACPI) and the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) presented the “Top 10 Consumer Complaints” list compiled…

child custody battle

How to prepare for the Child Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is hard, going through a child custody battle is even harder. Child custody is a source of panic for many parents. Ineed, it is confusing if you are…


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