How to Prevent Domestic Violence

Verbal, sexual, physical, psychological or emotional abuse against family member or an intimate partner is described with legal term «domestic violence». Historically this type of abuse has been considered a criminal issue.…

stages in a criminal case

Stages in a Criminal Case

This article will reveal to you the key stages in a criminal case. Criminal cases are all very different from each other; however, there are certain stages that all the cases undergo.…

types of crimes

Basic Types of Crimes

According to arrest data, personal and property crimes are more often committed by urban, poor, young, and racial minorities. However, we do not intend to go deeper into the matter of why…

criminal law

The Basics of Criminal Law

A crime is a certain conduct that is dangerous for the citizens and may damage the society as a whole. Criminal law is the law that determines who is a criminal and…

need a lawyer

How to decide If I need a Lawyer

There are numerous types of legal issues in the case of which you might need the help of a lawyer. You may need a lawyer if you have been harassed in the…

child custody battle

How to prepare for the Child Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is hard, going through a child custody battle is even harder. Child custody is a source of panic for many parents. Ineed, it is confusing if you are…


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