personal injury case

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

At any moment millions of people in the U.S are walking, driving, traveling, shopping and working, that`s why it`s no wonder that personal injury cases have become a part of everyday life.…


Does Crime Pay? Infographics

Every crime comes with its risks and price. On average criminal activities do not lead to “financially positive” results. Below is an interesting info-graphic that depicts the “math” behind the greatest heists…

shoplifting at the store

Petty Theft – Shoplifting

Most individuals who have been charged with any of the crimes commonly called “shoplifting” or “theft” are hard-working individuals who do not deserve to have such an offense on their permanent record. Petty…


Personal Injury Help

As we go about our daily activities we cannot make ourselves accident prone and prevent what might come our way. Personal injuries are mostly accidental in occurrence and disrupt our lives in…

Consumer Class Action

Class Action Litigation Explained

Mass consumer fraud by large or small companies alike can go by unnoticed and unpunished. Sometimes consumers are not aware of legal remedies available to them or they approach attorneys who view…

child custody battle

How to prepare for the Child Custody Battle

Going through a divorce is hard, going through a child custody battle is even harder. Child custody is a source of panic for many parents. Ineed, it is confusing if you are…


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