There is the Risk of Pradaxa Gastrointestinal Bleeding Every Day


Many patients may suffer from Pradaxa gastrointestinal bleeding, which is the result of using the new generation anticoagulant.

It’s worth noting that doctors usually prescribe this medicine to people who have atrial fibrillation.  Patients who have such health problems are at high risk for stroke. In fact, gastrointestinal bleeding caused by this medication has become a subject of concern both among patients and medical community.

About Pradaxa

Pradaxa belongs to the anticoagulant class of direct thrombin inhibitors. Its main function is not letting enzyme thrombin work. As a result, it prevents blood from clotting. Thus, it reduces the process of blood clots formation.

Unfortunately, patients recover from gastrointestinal bleeding with great difficulty. That’s to say, people who appear in such a situation need emergency treatment.

About 260 patients died because of a gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the drug since its approval. It’s true that certain studies suggest patients who take Pradaxa may suffer from internal bleeding. A study which carried out analyses concerning bleeding incidents connected with Pradaxa gastrointestinal bleeding revealed certain statistics. It turns out that this drug led to internal bleeding incidents (16.6%), as well as serious bleeding incidents (3.3%). The list also includes life-threatening bleeding incidents (1.5%) and stroke incidents (0.3%).

Elderly people who have kidney problems are especially at high risk. The reason is that Pradaxa is processed by the kidneys. You should also know that patients who take medications like NSAIDs may also experience internal bleeding.

Patients who experience Pradaxa gastrointestinal bleeding problems may benefit from a consultation with a knowledgeable products liability attorney to get a good idea of their legal rights and options.

Did you suffer from gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the drug? In this case, you have the opportunity of benefitting from a consultation with a lawyer. If you take this step, you can have a clear idea of your legal rights.


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