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E-signature solutions are becoming favorite tools for the business community, especially for those businesses that need to sign and handle a large volume of documents. That is why e-signing software packages are becoming popular as more and more services go digital.

E-signature is especially helpful for law firms. Gone are those days when attorneys had to print, sign, scan documents and email them back. Now all is done electronically saving a lot of headache and time for law firms.

In today’s article, we will talk about RightSignature – one of the leading e-signature software tools in the market.


RightSignature Features

RightSignature is a cloud-based e-signature software. It was launched in 2008 and was acquired by Citrix Systems in 2014. Law firms can send documents, capture signatures and notify recipients with the help of the software. You can use any web browser to access the tool. The users can also capture electronic signature through iOS mobile devices. The signing parties can also include their own logo in the signing page.

If you need several parties to sign the document, you can easily do that as the app allows multiple parties to sign. The app is also enhanced by inbuilt templates, signing notifications and drop-down fields.


Is it Secure?

One of the questions that worries law firms is whether the software is a secure mode of e-signature especially when it comes to sensitive data. To ensure the security of data, the Citrix team applies several measures.

The team takes care that the document is not physically lost. Citrix stores the data in multiple storage locations. In this way, if one storage point fails, you can still have access to other sources.

Another concern is that only authorized persons should have access to the data centers. To ensure physical security, Citrix uses intrusion detection systems and other techniques.
Finally, the app enhances security by SSL technologies and biometric authentication.


How Does it Work?

You simply need to upload the document, enter the email addresses for each signer as well as place the text fields and signature locations. RightSignature will send a link to the recipient with guidance for online signature.

RightSignature also offers API to integrate online document signing into your web application and business process. You can automate signature requests, embed the RightSignature document in your websites.

If you are a law firm that handles a lot of documents, RightSignature is an app that you may consider. It is a safer and efficient way of signing documents saving a lot of your time and efforts.

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