Fully Integrated Point of Sale System: Square Register

Square Register

All companies need a fast and efficient sale system. They need tools to scale up their business. Square Register is a versatile point of sale that will build on your business from scratch. Whether you are a big company or a small start-up, Square Register will help you scale up and meet customer demands.

What is Square Register?

Square Register is a fully integrated point of sale. No tablets or apps required. It comes with dedicated hardware (seller display, customer display, hardware hub, and mounting kit). You also get embedded point-of-sale software and Square’s secure payments technology.

The system is extremely reliable. You don’t need tablets, iOS updates or app versions. It has built-in Ethernet and USB ports that improve reliability. With Square Register, you can speed up your lines and cut down transaction time several times. What you actually do is that you free up your cashier’s time as you use customer-driven payment.

Integration and Cloud Data

Square Register integrates with tools like analytics and Marketing. It creates an environment where you can quickly run and grow your business. You can access cloud date at home or on the go instantly syncing with items, customers, inventory and more. If you are switching from another POS system, you can easily move inventory and other items.

Square Register Accepts Payments With a Tap, Dip or Swipe

You can keep your line moving fast as the system accepts payments with a simple tap, dip or swipe. It accepts all major credit and debit cards, and deposits are super fast, like the next business day. You allow selling accurately by letting customers pay and tip onscreen in just a few taps. Each tap, dip or swipe is just 2.5% + 10¢ per transaction without any hidden costs.

Why is Square Register Appealing?

Square’s appeal is pretty simple. It is affordable, and its pricing structure is pretty easy to understand. The system will “turn the company into the Amazon.com of point of sale systems — at least as far as convenience is concerned,” Matt Sherman at Merchant Maverick says. “Square Register is frankly impressive and will appeal to vendors who want a simple, all-in-one solution. With the ability to easily plug in additional compatible hardware, an improved interface, and one of the best processing systems on the market, Square Register is positioned to make an immediate impact,” he says.

Photo Credits: https://squareup.com

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