Sidewalk Rebate Repair Program is Increased to $10k

sidewalk rebate repair program

It’s worth noting that “Safe Sidewalks LA” sidewalk rebate repair program of Los Angeles is increasing the amount of money property owners will get through the city’s rebate program.

Originally, the cap for homeowners was $2,000 and $4,000 for commercial property owners. Thus, starting from 1 August 2017 this amount has been raised to $10,000. The goal is promoting the participation of more people in this initiative.

The City Engineer Gary Lee Moore stated that the sidewalk rebate repair program aims to make sidewalks ‘’accessible to all Angelenos.’’

He also says the city officials’ goal is raising the mobility in Los Angeles. They want to do it through a partnership with property owners. As a result, communities will become more livable.

‘’Safe Sidewalks LA’’ sidewalk rebate repair program

It’s essential to mention that this sidewalk rebate repair program is a part of a plan, which the City Council approved in 2016. According to this plan, the City Council will spend at least $30 million on a yearly basis during the next three decades. The goal is to repair over 11,000 miles of sidewalks in Los Angeles. Actually, this number is a part of a legal settlement with disability advocates.

To begin with, property owners should apply with the City for taking part in the sidewalks rebate repair program. Their next step is paying for their own repairs. When the city certifies that repairs are Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant (ADA), property owners can receive up to $10,000.


Councilman Bob Blumenfield is the chair of the Public Works Committee. He notes that this new cap should attract more property owners to establish a partnership with the city. As a result, more sidewalks will be repaired in the frame of the sidewalks rebate repair program.

The results of the survey carried out by the city’s Bureau of Engineering showed that more property owners would like to participate in the program if the rebate was higher. In fact, over 1,100 property owners have submitted applications to the sidewalks rebate program since 2016.

Councilman Paul Krekorian is the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, as well as co-author of the city’s sidewalk program. He pointed out that the investment in sidewalk repair will make the communities better. Additionally, he adds that they repair sidewalks located at city parks, as well as recreation centers. Furthermore, residents have the opportunity of making necessary repairs in their neighborhoods. Thus, the co-author of the city’s sidewalk program hopes the increased rebate will enable Angelenos to take this opportunity.

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