The Simplest and Fastest Way to Sign Documents: SignEasy


The digital era has witnessed a new form of document approval. Businesses tend to use e-signatures to sign documents saving a lot of time and hassle. Gone are those days when managers had to scan and print documents. Now the signing parties put their signatures on the documents right away even if they are in different parts of the world. In this article, I am going to discuss the benefits of SignEasy as one of the leading e-signature apps in the market.

Why Choose SignEasy?

As you can guess from the name, SignEasy is one of the simplest e-signature apps. By saying simple, I mean that it offers a minimal user interface that makes it easier to sign. SignEasy was launched in 2010 and has witnessed many storms but steadily made its way up to today making an impact in the $700 million Digital Management Transaction Industry.

The market is full of e-signatures apps, and it is drastically difficult to choose the app that best suits your needs. SignEasy has a number of features that ease the work of businesses.
In addition to regular e-signature practices, SignEasy has some additional features that help users make the work easier.

Outlook users can now use two of the features of the app, Document Fields and Templates, without leaving Outlook. Particularly, Document Fields feature allows the users to highlight each field which should be filled out. Seems a trivial matter, but often we spend a lot of time correcting errors. This feature allows an error-free experience.

If you need to format documents over and over again, Templates feature may be of great help. You need to create and save a template. When you need the same document next time, simply load up the corresponding template.

Moreover, now you can share a public link to your document Templates in one click. This helps avoid creating separate signatures.

Is It Secure?

One of the questions that worries the users is whether the app is a secure mode of electronic signature. SignEasy solves this issue by the support for iOS 8 as well as Apple Touch ID enabling users to authenticate a document with a fingerprint. You can add a signature using a finger and tapping a button to confirm it.
Also, the app uses 256-bit SSL encryption on the communication channels between the devices and the servers of the software. Banks and financial institutions use the same method.

Eight years in the market, SignEasy is still one of the leading apps which makes you believe in its trustworthiness.

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