Speech Recognition Software Package: Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation

Many people prefer voice recognition and dictating to their PC to typing on a keyboard. Speech recognition has extensively entered into the digital market as people enjoy talking to machines and making tasks faster and easier. In fact, communicating with technological devices via voice has become very popular and more and more people tend to use voice in their daily work. With these trends at place, a lot of voice recognition packages entered into the market that let you not only dictate emails or documents but also control your PC to some extent with voice commands. In this article, we are going to talk about Dragon Dictation which is sometimes called “a beast of a package powered by deep learning”.

What is Dragon Dictation?

Dragon Dictation is a speech recognition application. It started as an app for Apple’s iOS platforms but later included iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app has automatic speech-to-text capabilities. It is now commonly found licensed in vehicle infotainment systems and healthcare equipment. The app works online with a  requirement to have internet. Some 8 years ago Nuance Communication that has developed the software announced 3.7 million downloads.

How Does Dragon Dictation Work?

First, you need to create a profile. Now, profile creation is shorter with Dragon 13. You can create a profile in just four simple steps. Dragon 13 has improved out-of-the-box accuracy than Dragon 12. It is already accurate right out of the box.

The app offers support for many microphone options. It automatically detects the microphones. You need to select your preferences and start talking. It features an important learning center that provides helpful tutorials on how to get the most of the advanced features.

Dictation with Dragon is three times faster than typing. It also has auto-formating features like date, times, phone number, etc. You can edit the texts and format them like making bold and underline.

Why Use Dragon Dictation?

At present, speech recognition devices are primarily used in a consumer’s home. These speakers are the gateway to the proliferation of smart devices also called “Internet of Things”. Google Home or Amazon Echo are already using a lot of Internet-enabled devices. We are witnessing everything from smart fridges, mirrors, and smoke alarms. The future seems to be with speech recognition devices as the technology moves forward to intelligent solutions.

Dragon Dictation provides full dictation capabilities and voice commands to control your PC. For example, you can open programs, navigate web pages, and so forth. You can also create email signatures to be used in the text by voice commands. Your work can be synchronized with Android or iOS devices. It seems that the future is with voice recognition devices and Dragon Dictation is steadily leading the market.

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