5 Sure Signs of Your Startup Success

Got an idea, awesome “gangsters” and enough money to realize that idea? Congratulations!

Your startup mode can be turned on.

But, of course, for your startup success, these all are not enough because it may happen that the market doesn’t need your product or service or it doesn’t get a precise understanding of your idea as soon as you launch it.

Though we consider the fact that many startups fail after some period of time and a few of them survive, nevertheless in this article, we will more focus on the path to success.

Building startup success

There are numerous tips you should take as an entrepreneur to reach startup success. We suggest the following 5 tips:

Hire the ones who care

Your staff is the engine of your business. That is why you should be careful while hiring each of them. Find right people at the right time. Your staff should be a strong team creating a good management to run the company properly.

Get the marketplace

Your customer should know about you more to make any purchase. Imagine yourself, would you spend your money on something you know nothing? Actually no. Through some research, you must find out whether your product is demanded or not. Don’t underestimate this fact and before launching your startup get the audience for it.

Set the strategy

What is your goal? First, find your main goal and try to reach it. Maybe you want to become internationally demanded and get you niche in the global marketplace? To reach or even exceed the goals and even beyond, you must have very well organized and effective strategy. Just formulate and make use of it, won’t you?

Transparent work

Your activity should be trustworthy. You as a startup providing a product or service are always watched by the consumers. Transparency speaks about your integrity. People know that you have nothing to hide.

Communication and again communication

Build good communication with your investors. Stay honest with them. They should know both the good and bad side of your entrepreneurship. This makes them clear where to invest the money. The investors expect more than a money-back, they are looking for a growth.

Successful startups

There are startups which have already put their undeniable impact on the history of the world. At first, they might have seemed to have no further evolution, but today they run the world. A good example of such startup is Facebook. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has created the worldwide known social network through intense focus, hard work, and determination. His work made the company become the infrastructure of the globe. So, what he did to reach the top of the hill?

  • First, team up. As Zuckerberg said “we are better together. Just like Zuckerberg found, we’re better together. One person by his- or herself cannot a world-changing company make.”
  • Second, don’t forget about your personal life. Even in the busiest moment find time for dating whether with a partner or friends, doesn’t matter. This can be beneficial to get rid of stress and maintain work-balance.
  • The last but not list. Like and share. Yes, stay connected with those who you don’t manage to see every day. This is the first step to being the part of a global community.

Another example of a successful startup is Kaltura. Kaltura video platform is one of those few to succeed. During its work, the company managed to raise $25 million being used by such companies as Groupon, Bank of America, Harvard and HBO. The main key to the success was targeting not one but several niches: education, enterprise, and media. In Such way, they enabled many ones to get involved in their business.

Some more keys to success

  • Offer personalization
  • Put end-users in control
  • Don’t do too much at once
  • Be global but customize each market
  • Best-in-breed technology
  • Strong team collaboration
  • Foster beneficial partnership

Lawyer for a startup

Any company including startup needs a lawyer to easily deal with the laws and regulations regarding the entrepreneurship. There are three basic reasons the startup needs a lawyer. One of them is dealing with the government. The lawyer will help you feel sure that your business doesn’t create tax liabilities which the company doesn’t need at all. The another reason is that the lawyer helps to take reasonable steps to control risks in your communication with customers, suppliers and other referring bodies. And the last option is that the lawyer provides you and your co-founders with support to establish corresponding rights and expectations of the founders beforehand.

In addition

For sustainable business and startup success, you need more than a good idea. Even after taking these steps, there is no 100% guaranteed to have a successful startup. But, of course, if you follow the advice your chances of success will increase. And don’t forget to be a good example for your employees to foster their motivation and build a path to success.


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