Streamline your Sales Workflows with PandaDoc


If you are thinking of boosting your sales workflows, there is no better way other than automation. Routine tasks take hours and hours of work that can be easily performed by machines. PandaDoc is designed exactly for the purpose of automation of your routine tasks allowing you to complete a task in minutes which could otherwise take hours of work. Here is how PandaDoc can help you streamline your sales workflows.

Your Customers Are Looking for Personalized Messages

You probably know how important it is to deliver personalized messages to your customers. However, delivering personalized messages that require different prices, content, contact information may take long hours of work if done individually. With PandaDoc you can customize your customer info with features like templates, a content library, and CRM integration. The whole process will take minutes instead of long hours of work.

Improve Team Work

PandaDoc can help you improve the collaborative efforts between your marketing team and sales team. Your marketing team needs up-to-date info to create compelling content, and it needs immediate access to the sales department to elaborate on your sales tactics. In order to come up with a digital brochure for your team to distribute, your marketing team needs to have access to the most relevant information.

You can also improve your workflow by simplifying the document approval process. The app alerts managers when documents need approval and highlights what specifically needs to be reviewed.

Help Your Customers Sign and Pay Electronically

You want to make the signing and customer payments as easy as possible. Signing and paying electronically is possible with PandaDoc. The software highlights the areas which the customers must fill in and embeds a credit card form right into the document.

Integration with HubSpot CRM

Now you can create, send, eSign, and track your best sales documents inside HubSpot CRM. You can enjoy the benefits of the two tools in one software extending the ROI of HubSpot CRM with the PandaDoc integration. Everything from document generation to eSignatures is done in one automatic app.

The market is full of different applications to help you improve your workflow. The advantage of PandaDoc over other applications is in its integration of different tools in one software. You can sign the document electronically, have your customers pay immediately and with ease as well as customize and approve your documents through automatic tools that best serve the interests of customers. PandaDoc is one of the most advanced tools that you should surely give consideration before you make your final buy.

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