Top 5 Most Sued Celebrities

What do a pop star, a music celebrity and a newly-divorced celebrity have in common? Well, they are several of the popular folks who have undoubtedly been sued for a reason. Below are the top 5 most sued celebrities you would want to know more.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez performed at the famous “Mawazine World Rhythms International Music Festival”. This actually took place in Rabat, in Morocco. She wore bejeweled fishnet tights, bodysuit and stiletto boots. The show was broadcasted on Channel 2M.

In response to the show, a particular education group filed a lawsuit against the superstar. She actually disturbed the public order and tarnished the respect and honor of women. A particular action was taken by the Moroccan Prime Minister against the serious, delinquent and sexually suggestive scene that violated the audiovisual law of the nation.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears had faced thirteen lawsuits in the past five years for such things as running over the feet of a paparazzo to claiming an abuse from a former bodyguard. Maybe, many of her supporters might not approve of her at all. But, she really is a one-of-a-kind celebrity that despite her cases still loved and appreciated by her supporters.

James as “The Monster Garage” Guy

James who is “The Monster Garage” has faced different lawsuits. He also faced lawsuits that emphasize negligence and breach of contract in the building of one of the company’s motorcycles. Indeed, this may have alarmed his family and his supporters. But, this is the reality that speaks of a celebrity as the most sued among them all.


Combs, just like James, has also been sued for twelve times. With the spirit of entrepreneurship and the passion in rap music, he undeniably faced suits that can range from consumer fraud to patent infringement.


Perez Hilton always kept his lawyers busy because just last week, he was sued for twenty-five million dollars. He did not actually ask permission from a reader in publishing the latter’s email address. Hilton also has found himself in a legal pickle with Diane Wargo for a twenty-five million dollar lawsuit.

He was also sued for copyright infringement. He was specifically sued by Zomba, a music label as his gossip website illegally posted some of the recordings of Britney Spears. As you can often notice, he faced a lot of cases that made him even popular in the United States.

With these top 5 most sued celebrities, they sure cannot escape the public eye and scrutiny of the people. Even gossip columns considered them a subject of the issue and the celebrities may fight back but may still need the assistance of their lawyers.

From court decisions to celebrity lawsuits, these have been faced by many celebrities including the top five mentioned. These are all part of the reality that despite the fame, the comforts of being a celebrity, they are not excluded from these cases.

Now, you have finally learned more about the top trending people who were the subjects of the biggest controversies!

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