Turkey blocks Access to Twitter

Turkey blocks access to Twitter a few hours after the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “wipe out” all the social media. It should be mentioned that Erdogan is one of Turkey’s most autocratic leaders who felt pressured by the audio recordings that were spread across social media and that were revealing some details about his corrupted system ruled by a dictator and a murderer.

A government-run news agency told that the authorities blocked access to Twitter because it has ignored several Turkish court orders to remove some links. Thus, Istanbul chief public prosecutor’s office has come to the decision to ban access to Twitter in the country.

The country’s prime minister even declared that he does not care about what the international community says regarding this issue. This fact, obviously demonstrates the speech-suppressing policy that the government has adopted. Not surprisingly, such things occur in a country that denies Genocide over 100 years already.

According to Twitter’s public policy team, Turks can overcome the ban by tweeting through mobile telephone text services.

Now, Twitter has formally joined those people who defend their right for free speech and for using Twitter wherever and whenever they want to. Twitter is now filing petitions for lawsuits in numerous Turkish courts with its Turkish attorney. The cause is to lift the ban formally.

According to Twitter, the two cases of violations of terms of service mentioned by the Turkish authorities have been removed. However, the third case which refers to a tweet accusing a former minister of corruption isn’t in violation of Twitter’s terms of service, that’s why it has not been removed.

Thus, according to thousands of people, there are no real reasons for legally blocking the service in Turkey.

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