Is Uber Facing Some Troubles with Workers’ Comp Coverage?


In fact, Uber is again facing a class action lawsuit. The suit accuses Uber Technologies of failing to provide its drivers with workers’ compensation benefits. But first, let’s learn a bit about the company.

 About Uber

In fact, Uber Technologies Inc. is a technology company located in the U.S. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco. It operates in over 633 cities throughout the world. The company is operating car transportation, as well as food delivery mobile applications. Usually, those people who work for the technology company as drivers, use their own vehicles. However, they also have the option of renting a car to drive with Uber. Thus, Uber is a technology platform which offers consumers an affordable way of transportation. It’s worth noting that after the trip ends, the client can rate the driver (it is usually from one to five stars).

So, the lawsuit states the technology company treated its drivers as independent contractors, instead of employees. That’s to say, by preserving contractor-to-contractor relationship Uber saves a lot of money connected with employee costs. Such costs include payroll taxes, as well as mandatory benefits.

According to drivers, this type of relationship isn’t correct. The reason is that they assert certain details concerning their business relationship with the defendant make it an employer-employee relationship.

Thus, drivers state that as employees, they have the right to get legal protection according to state and federal employment laws. Of course, this also includes the following: minimum wage requirements, a higher wage for overtime work, etc. In this situation, the plaintiff notes the defendant has to cover employees’ injuries which occurred during work.

In addition to that, it was in 2013, when the defendants didn’t agree to provide drivers with reimbursement of costs concerning injuries which occurred while they were working for the company, as the suit claims.


The plaintiff explains that he also used to work for Uber using an Uber-supplied Nissan Sentra of the model year 2006. Later, it was in January 2017 when he became gravely injured. This happened when McCartney was driving a car for Uber one night. The plaintiff adds his injury was so severe that he was taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, he couldn’t continue working because of these injuries.

The plaintiff says he let the defendant know about it and asked for compensation, but they refused. Thus, he had to look for California state benefits.

Furthermore, the complaint notes Uber acted in an unfair manner. As a consequence, the plaintiffs experienced harm, as well as loss.

What the lawsuit seeks

The plaintiff is seeking to represent a Class of any person, who used to work for Uber within the previous four years and was treated as an independent contractor and became injured when driving for the defendant.

McCartney is also seeking the following: an award of damages, court and attorney’s costs and available equitable relief.

Timothy J. Donahue of the Law Offices of Timothy J. Donahue is representing the plaintiff.


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