UltraShape Class Action Lawsuit: Consumer Fraud or Not?

The UltraShape class action brings forward the issue of consumer fraud. A plastic surgeon has filed the class action lawsuit. She alleges that UltraShape Power System does not perform exactly in a way as it advertises. So, what’s the matter? Is this really a consumer fraud case or not? The court is going to figure it all out soon.

The class action claims that UltraShape Power System has been advertising its device as something that can permanently destroy undesired fat cells. Because it uses pulsed, highly focused ultrasound energy to target and to get rid of those cells. According to the suit, UltraShape has advertised its products as making a person lose two dress sizes in three treatments. The company could have brought examples showing as that an average 3.3-6.3 cm reduction occurs due to using their device.

Additionally, UltraShape website could have promoted their system as being the only non-invasive treatment for fat cells that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They also list their product as a comfortable, non-surgical alternative to other surgical techniques to reduce body fat deposits. Also, according to them, an individual can hardly ever get rid of them through diet and exercise.

The plastic surgeon Renee Burke was the person to file the Ultrashape class action lawsuit. She practices private plastic surgery in the state of Illinois. And the class action is against the Candela Corporation. Mrs. Burke, as a plaintiff claims that she has been using the system since 2015. And she has done this to treat dozens of people. However, according to her, the company’s representations were not true. She claims that the patients did not see any results due to the treatment with the UltraShape devices.

Renee Burke is planning to expand the class action to include all the people who have purchased the UltraShape system. She thus wants these people to speak up about their failure to get any visible results after using the products. Attorney Arnold H. Landis (Chicago) is representing Mrs. Burke. The lawsuit is seeking reimbursement of the purchase price of the system to all the class members. Also, compensatory and punitive damages to the class members can be included.

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