Veggie Straws Maker Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

veggie straws maker

The Hain Celestial Group Inc is facing a class action lawsuit. The suit accuses the veggie straws maker of false advertisement concerning its Garden Veggie Straws products.

The plaintiffs who filed the lawsuit against veggie straws maker are Solak and Jim Figge. According to the lawsuit, the company’s marketing campaign notes that its Veggie Straws contain the following vegetables: tomatoes, spinach, as well as potatoes. However, this is not true, as the complaint states these products contain only potato starch, tomato paste, spinach powder and potato flour.  Thus, since Veggie Straws aren’t made of whole vegetables, they cannot offer customers nutritional benefits.

Sergei Lemberg of Lemberg Law LLC is representing the plaintiffs.


The plaintiffs state that the veggie straws maker advertises its Garden Veggie Straws as having a nutritious value. Actually, the reality is different.  Plaintiffs, other customers as well consider these products lack the health benefits typical of whole vegetable products.

Furthermore, the suit says the packaging of Veggie Straws products shows whole vegetables. It is true that these products don’t have Vitamin A at all. In addition to that, Garden Veggie Straws contain only 2% of Vitamin C. As a comparison, the plaintiffs of the proposed class action lawsuit point out that Lay’s Classic potato chips offer customers 10% of Vitamin C.

Solak and Figger point out that the company uses those consumers’ wish, who aim to eat healthy food for making more money.

The plaintiffs who filed the suit against veggie straws maker are seeking to represent a Class of any person, who bought these products during the previous six years. The named plaintiff Solak is seeking to represent New York subclass, while Figger is seeking to represent California subclass.

The Hain Celestial Group Inc

The foundation of the leading organic and natural products company dates back to 1993. It aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by producing healthy food and personal care products. The headquarters of the Hain Celestial Group is in Lake Success, New York. Thus, the company products are available in about 70 countries throughout the world.



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