The Famous Vitamin-Maker Facing the Vitafusion Class Action

The new Vitafusion class action lawsuit alleges that the multi-vitamins contain three times the amount of folate advertised on the label. The National Institutes of Health consider the advertised amount to be safe while the suit claims the folate levels are too high in the product.
David Chavez of Illinois has filed the consumer fraud class action. He alleges in his claim that the amount of folate in Church & Dwight Co. Inc.’s Vitafusion multivitamin exceeds the standard. If above the level of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the folate dosage can be dangerous for health.
If it turns out that the company has really misled its customers regarding the folate contained in the product, then Vitafusion can be considered worthless. As determined by the National Institutes of Health, 400 micrograms of folate should be the daily dose. And the most tolerable intake limit is 1,000 micrograms. Also, note that Folate’s other name is vitamin B9.
Doses above 1,000 micrograms might cause health issues. For example, there might be a risk of precancerous tumors to become malignant. Also, according to the lawsuit, the overdose of Vitamin B9 can cause nerve toxicity and liver problems.
In Vitafusion class action lawsuit Chavez claims that the vitamin-maker labels its vitamins as containing 400 micrograms of folacin. However, Chavez states he has conducted his own tests and found out that the amount of folacin exceeds 1,232 micrograms. This is, according to him, a real example of mislabeling the product and misleading customers. The lawsuit further explains that no reasonable consumer would buy Vitafusion if it had the true amount of Vitamin B9 on its label. Accordingly, the plaintiff considers vitamin maker’s actions and overall marketing as fraudulent. The suit claims that the product Vitafusion promises to its customers is completely different from the one it actually sells them.

What about legal representation?

Gary M. Klinger and Ryan F. Sullivan of Kozonis Law Ltd. and Daniel R. Johnson, Adam Waskowski and Seth Yohalem of Waskowski Johnson Yohalem LLP represent Chavez. If you think you are a victim of consumer fraud, call the Margarian Law Firm to schedule your free first consultation. The Margarian Law Firm is a California-based full-service law firm that handles a variety of consumer fraud cases. Do not let them mislead you with product misrepresentation or non-disclosure fraud. Know your rights and be ready to fight for them with the help of an experienced lawyer.
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