Vitamin Shoppe is Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe is facing a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in California. The suit accuses the defendant of advertising its Garcinia Cambogia Extract dietary supplement in a deceptive manner.

Actually, the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against the American retailer of nutritional products is Andrea Nathan. She pointed out that Vitamin Shoppe is spreading the information that its Garcinia Cambogia Extract dietary supplement promotes ‘’weight management’’ process and controls appetite. However, the plaintiff says this is not true. She adds that the dietary supplement contains hydroxycitric acid and chromium, which cannot help customers lose weight. Thus, this information is scientifically proven.

The lawsuit states that Vitamin Shoppe is marketing its product in a false manner and makes customers believe that it’s a dietary supplement which may provide them with weight –loss benefits. Nathan notes it fails to offer such benefits.

Paul K. Joseph of the Law Office of Paul K. Joseph PC is representing the plaintiff.


According to the information provided by the plaintiff, she spent $20 to purchase Garcinia Cambogia Extract dietary supplement (a 180-caplet bottle). So, Nathan, as well as other customers who appeared in this situation, purchased a product, which is ‘’no more effective than a placebo’’, as the lawsuit states.

Additionally, Nathan mentions she spent her money on purchasing a product which didn’t provide her with any weight-loss benefits.  So, this occurred because of the defendant’s misrepresentation and false advertisement. That’s to say, the plaintiff wouldn’t have purchased the product if she knew it couldn’t help her lose weight.

What the lawsuit seeks

The complaint asserts senior officials and directors of the nutritional supplement retailer knew about it but continued their fraudulent practices.

The plaintiff seeks to represent a class of any person who purchased the defendant’s Garcinia Cambogia product since June 26, 2013.

The lawsuit alleges the Vitamin Shoppe violates the following laws: Unfair Competition Law, as well as Consumer Legal Remedies Act and False Advertising Law. This includes breach of warranties as well.

About the Vitamin Shoppe

In fact, Vitamin Shoppe is a nutritional supplement retailer based in New Jersey. In addition to that, from January 2013 to March 2016 it was operating three stores in Canada as well. The nutritional supplement retailer was using the name ‘’VitaPath’’ in Canada.

Vitamin Shoppe offers customers about 8000 SKUs of supplements via the company’s retail stores. Additionally, Vitamin Shoppe provides 20000 SKUs of supplements via its retail sites.


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