6 Reasons You Should Vote This Election

“Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters.”

― Abraham Lincoln

Why vote this election? The answer is simple – to be part of the change. It may sound strange, but one of the most democratic countries in the world has a very low voter turnout as compared to other countries. However paradoxical it may sound, the U.S. people sometimes ignore the rights that other nations would dream about of having. So what should make you vote the election this time? Following are 6 reasons to consider.

For the sake of democracy

In our country, elected representatives comprise the government. And it means that each vote can make a difference. Thus, your preferred candidate needs your support to be able to carry out their plans.

Because we all want changes

Usually, when it comes to voting, we start thinking about the problems that we as employees, elderly people, or as students have. The thing is that changes are important. You should see which candidate envisions positive changes and is actually able to implement them.

Just to vote for the first time in your life

One more reason to vote this election is that it’s your first election! Yes, I am speaking about the college students or the millennials who are huge in number and who can have a great influence on the election results. Besides, the millennials are very diverse. The millennial community includes Hispanic, Black, and Asian people. This means, that as a part of the millennial community, you can really represent your needs.

Because you have done your research

Whether it’s Hillary Clinton’s scandalous email issue or Donald Trump’s race discrimination issues, you might have done your research about these two candidates. If yes, then you might already know whom you would prefer to see as the next U.S. president. If so, then go vote this election to be part of the change. An informed vote can be really valuable.

For the sake of the people who were fighting for your right to vote

People’s right to vote did not come easily. It rather came with huge sacrifices and through hardship. Thus, if you vote this election, it means, you respect the sacrifices that other people have made for you.

So that you know who to blame later on

It’s not a surprise that some politicians or even presidents do not meet the nation’s expectations after the elections. When you turn your back on the elections, it means, you overthrow your right to complain about the results later on. If you do not vote and someone you think does not deserve to become a president becomes a president, what can you do? To avoid this, everyone needs to let their voices be heard.

Now, as you have 6 reasons to vote this election go ahead and exercise your right to do so. It’s our country and we should be in charge of it. Good luck!


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