How Does Westlaw Stand Out?


Research is a valuable tool for any industry. But legal research is a different story. You need exact answers to your questions, and incorrect information may cost destinies. Therefore, it is utmost important to have a reliable legal research tool at your disposal and Westlaw is one of them. While you can find a lot of legal research tools in the market, some things set Westlaw aside. Here are some of them.

Westlaw developed the Key Number System

The Key Number System of Westlaw has become something of a de facto standard in legal research. The system breaks down hundreds of broad legal topics into detailed information. Perhaps this feature alone sets this tool aside. I am talking about tens of thousands of specific legal concepts.

Free Student Access

Westlaw took an early lead on giving law students free access. This creates a pool of loyal customers among young attorneys but also brings rewards based on student feedback. When it comes to comparing LexisNexis and Westlaw, some best legal researchers claim a preference for Westlaw whereas LexisNexis get the advantage when it comes to law student feedback online.

Westlaw Allows to Filter For a Particular Court

Westlaw is different from LexisNexis as it allows you to filter for a particular court. For example, you can search for Ohio Eighth District. With Lexis Advance you can only search for court level. For example, you can search for an appellate court. The app also has a filter for the key number, viewed in the last 30 days.

Various Content

With the app, you can find primary law (including case law and other primary law), exclusive analytical materials and primary litigation materials. It provides access to leading publications as well as access to the National Reporter System.

One of the astounding features of the app is that the rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court are typically published online within five minutes of the decision. You can find all other cases within a few hours to a few days.

No matter what app you choose, you just need a research tool if you are a lawyer. We advise you to research the market and come up with the best app that suits your research needs and practice area. But Westlaw should be on the top of your search list by all means as it has proven record of one of the best attorney tools.

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