Wilson Sporting Goods Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

As a matter of fact, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit. The suit alleges that the company provides untrue information concerning its DeMarini baseball bats. In other words, the complaint claims that some of DeMarini baseball bats don’t meet United States Specialty Sports Association’s (USSSA) standards. According to the consumer fraud class action lawsuit, the company misled consumers to think these baseball bats comply with national manufacturing requirements. Thus, customers believed that they can use these bats in different tournaments, as well as baseball leagues.

Theodore Sheeley is the plaintiff who filed a lawsuit against Wilson Sporting Goods Co. He is the parent who bought DeMarini baseball bat relying on the advertisement, which mentions that the bats meet USSSA standards. The plaintiff purchased the baseball bat for his son, who is fond of playing baseball.

Scott A. Morgan of the Morgan Law Firm Ltd. and Myles McGuire, Evan M. Meyers and Eugene Y. Turin of McGuire Law PC are representing the plaintiff.

The plaintiff mentions in his complaint that certain premium baseball bats contain a prominent silver sticker on their surface. It shows that these baseball bats comply with USSSA standards. However, Sheeley notes that it isn’t true, as certain DeMarini bats fail to meet these standards. As a result, customers purchased bats, which they fell short of their expectations.

More details about Wilson sporting goods class action lawsuit

The proposed suit mentions that consumers trusted the company’s false representations related to DeMarini bats. To be more concrete, the company made them believe that the bats are made according to USSSA regulations. For this reason, the plaintiff and other consumers purchased DeMarini bats.

According to the Wilson sporting goods class action, several bat models have faced an audit recently. The outcome of the audit shows that these bats actually didn’t meet the USSSA standards. This means that baseball players cannot use it in any league that adheres to USSSA standards. The complaint also adds that Wilson has pointed out that those baseball bats were withdrawn from USSA.

The lawsuit says that DeMarini bats are quite pricey; some of them cost $350. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. offered the plaintiff some replacement variants. However, they refused to provide baseball bat purchasers with monetary compensation, as the class action states.

Thus, the plaintiff Sheeley is seeking to represent a nationwide class of individuals who bought faulty DeMarini bats. Furthermore, he aims to represent the subclass of any person who purchased a defective baseball bat model during the last three years.

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