Writing a Will: Including an Explanatory Letter to Your Will

Use an explanatory letter to leave your loved ones notes that do not belong in your will. While writing a will many people also include an explanatory letter although it is not a required document, as they also wish to:
– explain why do they chose these certain beneficiaries and not the others,
– explain disparities in bequests,
– give the positive and negative sides of a beneficiary,
– explain how to watch over a pet,
– leave information about your digital legacy,
– explain how to divide shared gifts, or
– leave your loved ones a statement about your personal experiences, values or beliefs.

Writing these things in your will you risk the possibility of producing a document with conflicting, confusing or possibly even illegal provisions, that is why many people write an explanatory letter to avoid any conflict or problems when they are deceased.

Fortunately, you can write a letter to accompany your will expressing your own personal wishes and messages to your family, without seriously risking your will’s legal integrity, as unlike a will, this letter does not have any legal authority, but it can provide an easy to understand explanation of your overall estate plan to your executor.

As this letter does not have any legal authority, it does not have to meet any kind of legal format or other formal requirements, what to include in your letter is completely up to you, you might include what you want.

And the last question What is the Difference Between Explanatory Letter and Ethical Wills Describing Personal Experiences and Values?
In addition to the topics listed above, many people choose to leave behind a substantial statement about the experiences, values and beliefs that have shaped their lives. This kind of letter or document is known as an “ethical will,” and it can be of great worth to those who survive you.

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