Xarelto Might Have Dangerous Side Effects

Xarelto side effects

A class action lawsuit is filed against Bayer HealthCare, as well as Johnson & Johnson. The allegations are over Xarelto side effects. The plaintiff is Katherine M. a woman from Ohio.

The plaintiff made a decision of filing a lawsuit when she faced serious health problems because of Xarelto. She added that the manufacturing companies took no steps to warn consumers against these side effects.

Furthermore, the plaintiff noted that it was on July 19, 2015, when she started using Xarelto. The goal was preventing clot injuries. Also, she was eager to live a healthy life. The lawsuit states that Katherine faced Xarelto side effects. This includes abnormal bleeding from the uterus (or metrorrhagia). As a consequence, she experienced a surgery on September 2, 2015.

In addition to that, the plaintiff also suffered from anemia. Actually, she followed strictly physicians’ instructions concerning using Xeralto.

Also, the plaintiff pointed out that she experienced Xarelto side effects, like internal bleeding injuries. The suit claims that she had no idea about these dangerous side effects. She asserts that no information was provided on the drug’s warning label. That’s to say, manufacturing companies failed to disclose it to consumers.

Overview of Xarelto Side Effects

It’s interesting to note that FDA approved Xarelto in 2011. In fact, during the previous year, another drug known as Pradaxa gained approval. Thus, after releasing Pradaxa successfully in the market, manufacturing companies decided to focus on Xarelto.

Actually, since its appearance in the market, Xarelto, together with other new generation anticoagulants enjoyed a huge popularity in the U.S. It was in the 1950s when Warfarin appeared in the market. After the release of this anticoagulant, Pradaxa was released in 2010.

Why do physicians usually prescribe Xarelto? As a rule, physicians prescribe Xarelto or other anticoagulants in case the patient suffers from atrial fibrillation. It also prevents stroke through inhibiting the clotting mechanism of the person’s body. One of  Xarelto side effects is that it may prevent the recovery process of a patient’s body from internal bleeding injuries. Unfortunately, in most cases, the person may become hospitalized.

The problem with Xarelto (with other new generation anticoagulants as well) is that it doesn’t have any approved reversal agent if the patient starts to experience internal bleeding. For example, in case a physician prescribes warfarin and a person suffers from internal bleeding, he/she usually uses vitamin K.

The plaintiff states if she knew about Xarelto side effects, she will never buy the medication. Further, she claims that the manufacturing companies were aware of it, but didn’t disclose this information.



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