Snap Fitness Facing a Class Action Lawsuit

Snap Fitness

A class action lawsuit related to unfair business practices was filed against Snap Fitness. The suit accuses the health and fitness club of initiating an enhancement fee without asking for members’ permission. The club enhancement fee is $35, as the complaint notes. Thus, the lawsuit alleges Snap Fitness has violated its membership agreement.

Bryce A. Lenox of Giles Lenox is representing the plaintiff.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against the fitness club is Thomas Dwyer. He is a member of the fitness club located in Ohio. According to the information mentioned in the class action lawsuit, the plaintiff became aware of the fee in February through the email. Then, he let the local club know about the issue. However, they informed him that it is just a new policy and the local club didn’t know it either. The franchisee just found out about it. It is true that the plaintiff had to pay $35.


The plaintiffs point out that under the terms of the membership agreement, neither the franchisee nor Snap Fitness can charge enhancement or other fees. That’s to say, the health and fitness club cannot include any fees for the maintenance of the club as well. In addition to that, when Dwyer signed this agreement, no one told him about the necessity of paying such fees. This includes fees needed for upgrading the fitness club or any maintenance fees.

The plaintiff accuses the club of unjust enrichment. He seeks to represent a nationwide class of any person who appeared in the same situation. Furthermore, Dwyer is seeking to represent Ohio subclass as well.

The lawsuit alleges the fitness club violated the following laws: Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act as well as the Prepaid Entertainment Contract Act.

About Snap Fitness

The foundation of Snap Fitness occurred in 2003. In fact, the founder of the fitness club is Peter Taunton, who used to be a professional racquetball player. Moreover, previously he was the owner of five fitness clubs in Minnesota. The headquarters of the fitness club is Chanhassen, Minnesota. Specialized in smaller fitness gyms, Snap Fitness can boast with a chain operating not only in the U.S. but also in other countries. It includes Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

It’s worth noting that Snap Fitness offers its members the opportunity of working out during 24 hours a day. Additionally, the form of the club’s operation is

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