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Time Matters Go

Lawyers’ profession is a very hectic one. Often, lawyers are on the go or out of office and managing their cases right on the way is a savior sometimes. To help lawyers manage their matters when they are not in the office, LexisNexis offers Time Matters Go. It is a mobile app used to enter billable hours while out of office or on the go.

Why is it important to track time for billable hours?

LexisNexis proceeds from the claim that “Accurate timekeeping is crucial to productivity, client satisfaction, and even more important, getting paid. However, the drudgery of this chore often causes timekeeping to become an afterthought, and it falls to the bottom of the to-do list.” According to the same source, “When time can be entered easily as soon as the billable work is complete, you ensure compliance and, in turn, improve your firm’s bottom line. The advances in technology make it even easier to stay on top of billable hours in real time.”

The same source refers to American Bar Association’s 2017 Legal Technology Survey, saying 96% of lawyers indicated that they use smartphones for law purposes.

Time Matters Go – a Solution to Accurate Billing

Time Matters Go has several key features that allow attorneys to make more money due to more accurate timekeeping and billing. Lawyers don’t make notes anymore that they may forget or mess up. They don’t have to wait to go to the office to add the time to the invoice. Here is what they can do with Time Matters Go.

  • Lawyers can -time activities when they are happening. Suppose, you are working from home or having an important phone conversation, and you can quickly and easily enter the time and associate it to the case.
  • Lawyers can review billable hours from the app. They can see the billable history on the dashboard.
  • Voice-to-text option: The app provides an opportunity to transcribe the text related to any matter.
  • Autocorrection of misspelled words: The app allows correcting typos in the text.

Time Matters Go is an excellent solution for lawyers. No more messy note-taking, no more forgetting and messing up. Everything is accurate up to 100%. Bill your time and don’t miss your pennies that you ought to get.

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