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Legal research has never been easier and more accessible. You can now access a nationwide law library of comprehensive coverage with Fastcase. Fastcase for the iPhone/iPad is a legal research application. You can find here civil law statutes, various regulations, and rules. The application is a leading online law library in the world. It is the winner of the American Association of Law Libraries Award. ABA reports say it is used by attorneys more than any legal app.

How to Browse Through Fastcase Library

Fastcase is keyword searchable. But if you are new in the subject matter, sometimes the fastest way to find the statute you are looking for is to browse through the library. You can use the ”table of contents” for that purpose. The contents are organized by subjects so that you can easily locate the legal item you are interested in. To browse through the library follow these six steps.

  1. Go to the Advanced Search Page
  2. On the lower right corner click ”browse libraries”
  3. Select your topic of interest and the state
  4. You will see a list of items under the topic. Click next to each division to view titles and choose the item you are looking for
  5. The text will open in a new pane
  6. Bookmark on your browser.

You Can Control Legal Research Costs by Using Fastcase

The tool allows unlimited research at a set price. There is no charge for printing, downloading or emailing. You don’t need to worry about the number of texts you are going to research since you will know in advance how much you are going to pay.

This app is a better solution also when you are researching different jurisdictions. A national appellate and national premium plans allow searching case law of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as the federal statutes and most state statutes. This allows comparing different statutes in different jurisdictions.

Finally, you can share your services with others and still control your research costs because of flat fee pricing and unlimited research option. This is an excellent way to help others and provide pro bono services.

If legal research is part of your business, it goes without saying that Fastcase is a better option because of unlimited access for a set price. You can find other legal research tools, but few can compete with Fastcase with their affordability if you consider the amount of data that you can read.

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